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Dr. Laleh Shaban, MD

Helping people become their happiest and healthiest is what we do. We relate to the hopes, concerns, and sensitivities of every patient, sharing our experience with the latest discoveries in metabolic medicine to enhance their wellness and beauty with candor and compassion. 

Jeri Baker

I've found the secret to weight loss! In 6 months with Revive MD, I've over 40lbs. I love this place"

Debroah Franklin

I now have the energy to play with my 9 grandchildren! and I feel great! 

Kathy P.

Dr. Shaban has been my doctor for over 17 years, I trust her and I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Weight Loss Testominal: Jeri Baker

Weight Loss Program: Revive MD

Jeri Baker, shares her personal experience with Dr. Lalah Shaban and her staff at Revive MD, and how the program, staff and Dr. Shaban have impacted her life.

I Googled Glutathione, and found Dr. Laleh Shaban, MD

Michelle Harris: life changing testimonial

Michelle Harris, shares how a simple Google search changed her life, and brought her to Revive MD.  Changing her life, and assisting her on her way to recovery. 

Patient for over 20 years!

love looking young and being healthy

Renee, has had the privilege of watching Dr. Shaban evolve has a physician and shares her experience as a patient. 

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Debraoh Franklin: Chronic Fatigue and Stomach Pain

"Now I have the energy to play with my 9 grandchildren"

Deborah describe her quality of life after coming to Dr. Shaban with Chronic fatigue and Stomach Pain.

Started IV Therapy to Teat an Illness While in Recovery!

Started seeing a difference in her health, while at REVIVE MD

Lauri shares how Dr. Shaban treats the entire person, not just the illness at hand.

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