A vibrant sex life is an important part of the healthy human

experience.We offer solutions to help both men and women

achieve their ideal intimate relationships.


Whether you’re seeking to enhance your intimate relationships or

ready to relieve urinary incontinence, the O-Shot is an

effective all-natural solution for women.

This popular procedure takes only 60 minutes of your time.

Our medical staff will draw your blood and extract platelet

rich plasma.

The vaginal area to be injected is numbed to ensure your comfort.

Your plasma is then injected back into your body and creates a

reaction that stimulates growth, activating new stem cells that begin

rapidly repairing the area of concern.

Many patients report a significant improvement in their intimate


after this painless

procedure while others are thrilled with a reduction or even elimination of

urinary incontinence and medications.

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The ‘P’ in P-Shot stands for Priapus and this injection is specifically designed to deliver lasting improvements in sexual performance, particularly for those who have lost function due to an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, diabetes or the side effects of their medication. It can also help relieve urinary incontinence.

The procedure begins with our medical experts quickly and drawing your blood in order to extract the platelet rich plasma. This powerful plasma is then injected back into the body resulting in benefits including tissue growth that increases new blood vessels leading to improved circulation within the penis.

It’s good to know that this treatment is non-allergenic and free of any harmful side effects because the procedure using the patient’s own blood derived plasma.

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