Practicing Moderation

practicing moderation

Practicing Moderation

During the holidays it’s easy to decide you’re going to get into the holiday spirit by treating yourself to everything and anything that is offered to you, or put in front of you. Here are some tips on still enjoying this festive season, without overdoing it.

1. Don’t Deny Yourself Everything- Choose one or two favorite things while out, and have just a portion of it. There’s no rule that says you must eat the entire pastry or drink the whole glass of eggnog. Often your mind and body are satisfied with half the amount. Knowing that it’s not “taboo” or on your “bad” list can stop you from bringing.

2.Delay- Friends and family can mean well when they offer (pressure) you into indulging in holiday treats, but if you can put them off, even for a few minutes, often they’ll focus on something else. There’s nothing wrong with saying, “I’m still full from another gathering”, or with cocktails, “I’m driving”. Friends will usually back off when you give them a viable reason for abstaining from food or drink. And really, the holidays are about spending time with loved ones. They don’t have to revolve around food and drink.

3.Remember Why You Started- before you head out to that holiday party, load your phone with pictures and lists that empower you. Motivational images and quotes go a long way to helping you stay strong.

4. Planning Is Key- Eating prior to an event or bringing healthy snacks with you in your purse or pocket can make tempting foods much less of a problem. Just like shopping on an empty stomach can drain all sensible decisions, unhealthy foods are much less tempting when you have some food in your tummy at holiday parties. You can do this!


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