Indulging without Overindulging

Tis the season of endless food and drink, and now it is time to indulge mashed potatoes and wine; with the start of the Christmas season in full effect. During this time the world can seem pitted against you when it comes to attempting to lead a healthy lifestyle. Temptations seem to be everywhere, from office party snacks, to small sweets scattered around the kitchen, not to mention the cold weather which makes you want to snuggle up to the fire under a blanket instead of getting up and moving. We all want to enjoy the festivities and indulge occasionally, especially at Christmas time, but sometimes its hard not to not overdo it, let’s not forget, life is all about moderation. Here are a few different ways to avoid the overindulgence but still have a great time like everyone else.

Remember healthy habits Having a strong base and continuing to implement lifestyle changes is of the utmost importance during the holiday season. It’s important not to throw everything out of the window, but instead adapt, be a little more forgiving with your activity and healthy eating. Its acceptable to miss a yoga class or an evening jog to make it to an office party, just try not to lose the habit in the long-term, as good habits can sometimes be very difficult to get back into. Staying active will make you feel so much better after the parties and Christmas food. Just remember to be a bit more lenient, just think of other ways to stay active. We love wrapping up and embracing a winter walk with friends and family.

Find delicious but healthy alternatives There are endless ways to still enjoy holiday treats without feeling like you’ve undone all your progress. Healthier alternatives are your best friend when it comes to being able indulge without feeling guilty. For example, if you feel like consuming a sugary drink like soda, swap it for a healthy alternative such as green tea or watermelon juice. If you find yourself watching tv when you're bored, spend a half an hour walking around and socializing. It’s easy to replace chocolates with dusted or coated nuts. They are still festive, taste great and much better for you. Why not try roasting some nuts sprinkled with cinnamon and honey, get creative with it! They are an amazing snack when hosting parties or to take to work as a snack to avoid those chocolate cravings. Don’t get me wrong one or two small sweets are mostly innocent, but if you’re anything like me it’s hard to say no to more than a few!

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