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Well, it’s that time of year again already! The holidays can be stressful for anyone but if you are a parent that can definitely add to the stress of the season. First and foremost, stay calm and breathe. Try to keep in mind that you are trying to make memories for your children to treasure for a lifetime so when you start to feel overwhelmed, try taking a few deep breaths. In order to get through this holiday season (with your sanity!), you need to take some time for yourself. Even if that means waking up 15 minutes early to do some yoga or just have a quiet cup of coffee by yourself. If you can, try getting your nails done or a getting a facial, treat yourself this holiday season. Having that little bit of time to yourself will make a world of difference not just for you but for your kids too. We all need that time to ourselves but when you’re a parent, you don’t always get as much “me time” as you need. We must make time. I personally have my quiet time to myself shortly after I wake up. I grab my coffee, sit in front of the heater, and check my emails/social media. Just having those few minutes to myself first thing in the morning really make all the difference in my day.

Another thing I find helpful between Thanksgiving and New Years, is to make lists! The key is to stay organized and try not to leave things to get done last minute. Especially considering how hectic this season can be, there’s no way you can remember everything you need to so jot it down. I keep a dry erase board handy next to my calendar as well as keeping all my lists on my smart phone. You’ll be glad you have this all written down and organized….trust me!

The holidays are notorious for “cheat meals” and sweets but keep in mind that you will not be functioning at your best if you’re polishing off Santa’s leftover cookies and washing it down with egg nog. Eating healthy gives you the fuel you need to get through this holiday season. If you’re tempted by the yule log cake, grab a piece of fruit to satisfy that sweet craving. Avoid the bread rolls at dinner and get some extra veggies instead. Make sure you’re also staying hydrated! Your children need you at your absolute finest so it’s important to stay on track during the holidays. With the kids on holiday break, you can’t afford to be feeling sluggish from unhealthy meal choices.

Lastly, make sure that being together as a family to enjoy this holiday season is number one. Moms, you’ll conquer the rest!

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