Keep Moving, Stay Active!

Keep Moving, Stay Active!

Working out, you can love it or hate it. In fact, I personally love it and hate it. With there never being enough hours in the day to begin with, how in the world are we supposed to squeeze in a workout. From work, to kids, to cooking dinner, to laundry, there won’t ever be enough time for the gym. My suggestion to you is MAKE TIME. Exercise is essential to healthy living so put it on your calendar and make it happen. “Discipline is doing what needs to be done, even if you don’t want to do it.”

Start off small setting short term goals that are achievable. You heard me right, ACHIEVABLE goals. There is nothing worse than setting extreme goals and setting yourself up for failure right off the bat. Find out what type of exercise regimen works for you and most importantly, do what you enjoy! Start off small and simple, also don’t forget to reward yourself for even the smallest achievements.

Who doesn’t like spending time with friends? Recruit a friend to be your workout buddy and accountability partner. Not only will it make your workouts a little more fun, but you can help motivate one another. Group fitness, or any type of classes are also another way to maintain accountability. The structure of a class will also help you burn a few extra calories. Signing up for classes in advance helps guarantee you a spot as well as traps you into actually showing up.

When all else fails, throw your hair up in a bun, put on tunes and handle your workout ☺

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