Medical Weight Management

Reveal the real you with Revive MD’s personalized Medical Weight Management program. We know keeping off unwanted pounds can feel hopeless and challenging. That’s why we’re here.

Our proven program is

completely patient-centered and

designed to address many of the common medical problem associated with weight gain. The steps you’ll take will lower your risk of cancer and can even rid you of unnecessary medications.

Our medical experts focus on balancing your hormones and key nutrients with a strict diet regiment. Along the way you’ll discover effective ways of managing stress and tension that lead to natural health benefits. What makes our program different from the rest? Your weight-loss plan does not include any additional physical activity.

Our 6-month programs are available based on your lifestyle. Our system is safe and includes the following:

  • Physical Exam

  • Review of your medical history

  • Personalized daily nutrition plan

  • Custom diet journal

  • Weekly follow-up appointments during the 'rapid weight loss' phase of the program 


a non-invasive treatment reduces fat, cellulite, and improves the appearance of skin