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4251 S. Higuera St. Ste 600

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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Revive MD Medical Group

4251 South Higuera St. Ste 600
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 771-8478



Medical Weight Management

Reveal the real you with Revive MD’s personalized Medical Weight Management program. We know keeping off unwanted pounds can feel hopeless and challenging. That’s why we’re here.

Our proven program is

completely patient-centered and

designed to address many of the common medical problem associated with weight gain. The steps you’ll take will lower your risk of cancer and can even rid you of unnecessary medications.

Our medical experts focus on balancing your hormones and key nutrients with a strict diet regiment. Along the way you’ll discover effective ways of managing stress and tension that lead to natural health benefits. What makes our program different from the rest? Your weight-loss plan does not include any additional physical activity.

Our 6-month programs are available based on your lifestyle. Our system is safe and includes the following:

  • Physical Exam

  • Review of your medical history

  • Personalized daily nutrition plan

  • Custom diet journal

  • Weekly follow-up appointments during the 'rapid weight loss' phase of the program 

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May 29, 2019

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Alexa Buerger

Alexa has worked passionately in the field of fitness and wellness since 2014, when she completed her NASM Personal Training certification course as a sophomore in college. A few months prior to obtaining this certification, Alexa was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder known as Celiac disease. To this day, she refers to it as “her world’s greatest blessing in disguise” as it has brought her to understand the importance of self-care. Having Celiac has also forced her to find peace with the necessity of slowing down in a world that all too often encourages moving too fast.  


Though she feels her personal health journey largely came to fruition around the time of this diagnosis, it wasn’t until she began sharing her enthusiasm for well-being with others that she began to realize the magnitude of its value. Alexa saw personal training as an opportunity more than as a job. It has allowed her to explore what it means to thrive by participating in the healing, strengthening, and balance of her clients’ lives. Since her first training certification, Alexa has continued as a personal trainer and taken up specialties in Group Exercise, Sports Nutrition, TRX training, MMA conditioning, and the art of Muay Thai. 


If there is one philosophy Alexa could pass on from her mentors, it is the idea that life is not meant to be lived as seriously and strenuously as society makes it. She tries to remain grounded by the notion that we cannot care for others to the best of our ability if we do not first care for ourselves. Alexa was drawn to Revive for their holistic approach to health and is grateful for each day and every opportunity that she can help patients establish a sense of wellbeing within their daily lives.  


a non-invasive treatment reduces fat, cellulite, and improves the appearance of skin